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Springfield 1911 GI cost?

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What should I expect to pay for a Springfield 1911 GI model? I have been researching 1911s for a few months now and have narrowed it down to either the GI or the Mil-Spec, looking to spend in the neighborhood of less than 700.
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I agree about the glock and other polymer guns being very good in general. I'm leaning towards the 1911 b/c I hope to purchase one sidearm to last me the next 50 years (or if I find myself in a situation in which I cannot purchase another weapon...)
If you are planning on keeping it that long I would get a kimber or a colt. Dont get me wrong, springfield 1911's are good for the money, but for a couple hundred dollars over your stated price of $700 you can have an off the shelf gun that seems like it has spent time at a gun smith.

In my personal opinion the best value in 1911's right now is the kimber crimson carry. You can find them for around $1000 brand new, and if you are lucky to find a used one you can find them in the neighborhood of $700-800. Taking away the $300 lasergrips usually cost, you get kimber quality for $400-500.

If you are dead set on a springfield 1911 I wouldnt give more than $550 after taxes.

Check out craigslist. I see a lot of springfield 1911's on there before they get flagged.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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