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Cows milk does a harsh number on my stomach and I don't have a milk goat handy so during the SHTF I will be making milk from Soy beans.

Soy beans are easy to grow and LOADED with protien as is the milk.

Here's an excellent link from a lady overseas that makes it. I don't want to steal her content, as she sure does have a great recipe.

I wanted to put this because I think atleast 1 other person out there might find it useful. It may also save a life as soy milk can be used for baby formula when the times get tough and this is surprisingly easy to make even in hard times.

Here's the recipe.

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I prefer almond milk myself. Much easier to make - a quick whirl in the blender and you are done! I think it is tastier and it is a good source of protein and calcium. Almond milk is a good alternative if you are allergic to soy or dairy.

PS: Soy milk is not a suitable substitute for infant formula. Soy milk alone is not sufficient to cover a baby's nutritional requirements. However, if a baby is big enough to be eating solid food, you could certainly supplement that with some soy milk. You can also buy soy infant formula which can be substituted for dairy formula.
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