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Kev, I'm in your general area and I'm inundated with ***** right now. I was noticing this morning all the foot and toe prints in the sandy dirt around my chicken pen.

And for whatever it's worth, possums do very little actual killing of mature birds, at least in my experience. I think they get a bad rap for killing. They will kill smaller birds, chicks, and definitely eat eggs, but in my experience of keeping birds some 35 years, it's rare that a possum will kill a mature bird.

I'd look for any possible route a **** could get in. It's shocking how small an opening a young **** can cram itself through. If you suspect a bird being carried off, that's almost always a ****, or larger predator like fox or large feral cat, dog, etc.

Check the dirt around your pen for footprints.

Something else---a few years ago I was missing eggs. I'd get zero eggs, so I knew something was up but I never found anything--****, possum, snake, nothing. Then one night I put the birds up and started to walk away and heard a commotion. I went back and found a young **** inside the pen. After dispatching it, I was looking around and found where it had made itself a little sleeping spot up UNDER my metal nesting box, back between the 1x4 I had the nest box hanging on and the metal siding. It had gone inside the pen sometime and was basically living in there, and I didn't see it because it was concealed. I had unknowingly shut it in with the birds every night for at least five or six days!

Good luck, I hate it when I have to start shooting *****.
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