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Something getting in the chicken house

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Last night I was walking around doing some videos for a flashlight review when I saw one of my Delaware chickens outside the chicken house and outside the chicken yard.

When you see a chicken on the ground running around at night, they are usually trying to get away from something inside the chicken house.

I started running to the chicken house and heard a chicken that was upset and flying around the inside of the house.

Whatever was in there heard me and took off, because nothing was there.

Half my flock was outside the chicken house, which is a bad sign.

There were feathers in the chicken yard, like a chicken had been dragged off.

The fence is field fence and 4 feet tall. The gaps in the fence are not large enough for a dog or coyote to go through, but a coyote could probably go over it.

This is not an opossum, they will usually eat the chickens in the chicken house.

House cats will usually not bother full grown chickens.

At this time I am guessing a raccoon.

Going to set several live traps, hopefully I will catch it.

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