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Just thought you guys/gals might be interested...

as an experiment i planted the oldest of the old stored seeds we had to see what sorta percent germination i would get. here are the results :) (give or take 5 %).

pumpkins (5 or 6 year old seeds), 65%
butternut squash (5 years old), 70%
sweet-dumpling squash (5 years old), 80%
corn, an indian variety, (better part of twenty-five years old) 85%*
beans (3 years old), 30%
cucumbers, (8 years old), 0%
spinach, (8 years old), 25% (these are store bought seeds, a half a pack that was forgotten about).
onions, (5 years old), 70%
lettuce (10 years old, another forgotten package from the store), 1% (one head has sprouted but i dont have faith on the rest of the half-row :/).
acorn squash, (10 year old), 80%
kohlrabi, (5 years old), 80-85%

just a bit of info for any of you that are storing seeds away for the end of the world, :upsidedown:, hope this helps you decide a bit more about what you want and dont want to store:thumb:

* as an aside, we had red, yellow, black, brown, and dark purple indian corn seeds. the black seeds had near 100% germination, the dark purple seeds near 70%, brown 10%, red and yellow, maybe 1%. it seems the darker colored seeds have a better shelf life when it comes to corn. while this corn plant only gets to six-seven feet tall, and the cobs are a third to half the size of the commercial cobs, EVERY stalk has 2 to 4 cobs on it. :)
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