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Ok guys need some gear help.

Noticed many carry a pocket pry bar. What are its uses? Is the Pocket Widgy Pry Bar the good one?

I wear a wilderness belt for my daily carry. Parachord. How much do you carry? I know some of the zillion uses and want to carry it. What is a good length to keep in the rear pocket? I dont plan on jumping out of a window anytime soon but might as well have enough chord for it.

Is there a use to a daily carry climbing carabiner clip?

Any upgrade from a cheap bic lighter? I dont smoke but see it as a valuable asset.

Is there an indestructible usb thumb drive? I want to save all my important stuff and carry it on me.

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I cant vouch for the pry bar but i always have about 10 ft. of paracord between my key fob and bracelet. Just make sure you keep the innards in your cord. Forget about rapelling from 550 cord that would be a death wish. If you really want a carabiner to clip your keys thats up to you but I find it unnecessary although I do keep one on my GHB in my truck. For the lighter you cant really beat the BIC for the fact it tough and lights may times compared to anything like a zippo or torch with the only downside being it not windproof. Thubdrives can be useful and i have read of people carrying these and these Corsair Flash Survivor 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive CMFUSBSRVR-16GB: Electronics along with some others but the names escape me.
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