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SENATE HOMELAND SECURITY AND GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Weapons of Mass Destruction Threat: Full committee hearing on "World at Risk: A Report from the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism." will be in session today.

Inside the Pentagon reports that the Special Operations, Low-Intensity Conflict and Interdependent Capabilities (SOLIC/IC) directorate in the Pentagon will likely lose oversight authority for the Defense Department's nuclear portfolio once President-elect Barack Obama's DOD team takes the reins. A briefing paper prepared for the Obama campaign's national security advisory team proposed dividing the substantial portfolio of the SOLIC/IC office.

There are further reports that the congressionally mandated Project on National Security Reform, in a report released Dec. 3, is calling for sweeping reorganization of the federal government.

In particular, the report argues that the U.S. government must create an integrated national security budget influenced by a new White House office, the President's Security Council -- which would replace the current National Security and Homeland Security councils.

The bipartisan panel argues that national security encompasses more than military might and the nation's collective wealth; it also includes "sound" economic policy, energy security, and robust physical and human infrastructures, among them U.S. health and education systems, especially in the sciences and engineering.

For these reasons, the report argues that the Pentagon's annual budget request should be weighed against an array of non-military spending needs that also contribute to national security under a new framework that could, for the first time, directly pit requests for funding new weapon system programs against projects currently funded outside the Defense Department budget.

The report calls for all of the national security arms of other agencies and departments to adopt the Pentagon practice of preparing six-year budget projections in order to facilitate trades between agencies. The proposed new President's Security Council would issue "national security planning guidance" to inform these six-year investment plans, according to the panel.
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