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Has anyone used a solar powered hot wire for livestock? I am thinking about putting one around my chicken yard.

The solar hot wire I am looking at is a Zareba, .04 joule rating. They sale for $99 at the local Tractor Supply store.

I need to keep out dogs, coyotes, bobcats,,, typical southern US predators.
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Go with 2 joule or hotter.
.04 joule might keep horses in, but that is about all IMO.
It would not be effective for predators.
A 2 joule or hotter solar charger is very expensive.
I just put a fresh charged deep cycle battey each week on the charger.
I use 5 strand wire and have the bottom strand close to the ground.
Bottom, middle and top wire are hot.
the 2nd, and 4th wire up are grounded.
Don't skimp on the ground rod.
It needs to be in moist soil.
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