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Originally Posted by LuniticFringeInc
I discovered a couple of years back that a 550 pack of 22 lr will just fit in a 20 ounce soda bottle. .

I like this idea!
So you like that idea huh?

Check this out.

They store great on the 2 x 4 shelfs inbetween the studs on the walls of my BOR, just as well as canned goods do in the sections of wall that I did not sheath with 3/4 inch ply and insulation. This makes storing your stash a breeze and close at hand.

I have also stashed a couple of these in just about every remote location I camp, hike or fish and might be stranded at for a day or two, just incase since I almost always have my 22 pistol with me. Between that and the 5 gallon bucket of Goodies there as well, I shouldnt ever be wanting too much.

Just a couple of other ideas to go along with the original one.
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