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So what, if anything is going to happen in the market 080811?

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Pundits said brace yourself for Monday.

So...what is going to happen, if anything?:cool:
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We are all guessing here, right? My guess is that the S&P's desision to downgrade has been well known for those in-the-know way before they dropped the bomb on the national television. If so, then most of the damage has already been done due to the downgrade.

Further more, I am guessing that it won't have any difference on the interest rates because even though our house even though is in a pretty bad shape, it's still the best looking house in the getto(global economy). In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the interest rates would go down.

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Not much, the other shoe hasn't dropped yet. Wait until they are a complete failure at cutting the other 1T that they're supposed to cut in a few months as part of the deal they just made.

When they fail at that I'm betting AA+ will go to AA. At some point after that you'll really begin to hear the calls for a different fiat currency. THAT change will be the tipping point IMO.

This is just the rumble strips that are supposed to wake us up before we plow full steam into a bridge footing.

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That astronomical gold jump today was the telling factor. That says you won't be seeing any major rebound in the stock markets any time soon. Asia and Europe will probably crash tonight because of it. There's already talk of Japan closing the Nikkei or trying to prop it up again if it falls too much tonight....that's not a good sign to say the least.

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As of 9:07PST

DOW futures are down -261

TITANS 118.80 -5.16 -4.16%

HSI 19352.07 -1138.50 -5.56%

NIKKEI 8772.74 -324.82 -3.57%

STI 2884.00 -110.78 -3.7%

CHINA 2498.94 -27.88 -1.1%

at one point the HSI was down 1340
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