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It wasn't the ladies section that got me. Rule number 17 got me my first spanking on this forum. Live and learn. Its an essential and necessary fact of life.

Hopefully I can mention the fact that rule 17 exists. :) If you don't see me around for awhile, you will know the answer!
Yep ... Rule 17 got me, too! 馃槀馃槀

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And with that you are out of here... j/k

Actually and unfortunately rule 17 exists because it is one of the most emotional AND controversial subjects this board has ever dealt with.
Matter of fact it even beats out the vax/anti vax, religion and politics threads for most problematic topic.
Perfectly reasonable and rational people cannot seem to control their mouths when this topic comes up and it ALWAYS resorts to bashing and bickering which in turn ruins the thread and makes others mad...basically a vicious cycle is created.
We would end up having to ban everyone involved and it would be last mod standing around here.
Which is why it is just easier to prohibit that specific topic here and we all get to tap dance around the subject.
Lol @ last mod standing.

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I have to say this is probably the best ran forum I've been a member of.

Back in the day the worst was a Harley forum but that's a story for another day.

If you look at it as if you were a guest at someone's house party how would you conduct yourself.
Would you be loud and obnoxious talk about inappropriate subjects in mixed company, let the kids
use your furniture as a gym set, stink up the bathroom.

Ha ! I now I just reminded myself as to why I don't host party's anymore and that was before covid.

Welcome to the forum from Illinois ....don't forget to flush.

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Welcome to the forum, I can certainly appreciate where you are coming from perhaps your posts are sincere but have you thought about how hard it is to run a forum like this? We all want to have the same "rights" to post anything and everything and we don't want to be "censored" but sometimes we need to give it just a bit of time and figure things out.

Are you a troll or did you make an honest mistake? We will see in a few days. As far as this forum it seems to be one of the most freedom loving places on line.

All the best!

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Well....I'd respond but I can't read snail poop.
Welcome to the Forum, Richa.

What country does flag represent ?

If you could post in English language would love to learn about your prepping experiences there.

Again, a welcome from Virginia, USA.
please don鈥檛 quote the spammer from Pakistan

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Well... since this is the new member intro section... why dont you introduce yourself.
And then go check out this section:

And just for future reference, if you do have a question regarding the site or the rules thereof, either PM any of the mods or post in the following section:

It鈥檚 pretty easy to avoid foul and dirty language when that **** is cut off by the language filter.
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