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snow saga stolen from liebrecht...

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Post your stories and pics. Will update mine later. 10 in. With ice and 3 more on the way.
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I bet you ladies up north would make a killing selling snowballs online. Ship them down south with dry ice. I'd buy one... or several. I've actually looked online for them. Figured it would be a killer family gift to get to head outside for Christmas and have a real snowball fight with my guys. lol

You could give each product a catchy name...

The One Hit Wonder: a single snowball

The Duel: two snowballs

The Ambush: a dozen showballs

The WWIII: six dozen snowballs

When out of season, or no snow on the ground, take pre-orders.

Yeah... I know. I woke up extremely hyper today. :D:
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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