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snow saga stolen from liebrecht...

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Post your stories and pics. Will update mine later. 10 in. With ice and 3 more on the way.
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Liebrecht I heard the south got hit. Hope it gets fixed soon. Same old here. My 4 wheel drive got stuck. I was getting out the driveway. Mostly didn't learn how to use it yet. Haven't had car that long and before you ask.... no there wasn't an owners manual with it and we didn't get one yet. Who knew forcaster would be right about the winter this year.
How's everyone holding up. Still have the winter time blues. I see the south and northeast are getting hit again. We are actually having a heat wave. in the double digits and sunny. Just keeping an eye on my forsythia to start blooming. Be safe and warm everyone.
< Insert every swear word that would get me banned from the list....use your imagination>

Snow is a dirty 4 letter word. And we got hammered. Up to the middle of the van's hub caps. Power went out at 4:30 AM.......and G screamed his banshee scream to let me know. The little kids DO NOT like the dark. Then the smoke detector in my room detected my oil lamp. Out came a ladder and down went the detector.

Anyway.....power just came back on at 2 ( so not SO bad) but it just messes with my schedule. If I wanted SNOWWWWWW, I would have chosen to live in the frigid North.

Upside.......we have water ( city and stored)...check, toilets flush, kerosene heater and oil lamps and camp stove in my dressing room to make coffee......worked like a charm.....gas grill....fine for lunch....dinner would have been easy also. I had a full tank of gas so turned the van on to thaw it and as a last resort, let the kids watch movies in there. Van has a TV and VCR player

We did not have to go to the propane fireplace logs ( level 2 ) or wood fire in the playroom ( level 3). Water is great. Food a non issue other than maybe thawing<smile>. Now......let it thaw tomorrow ( as planned) and then dry out.

Liebrecht.....the SOUTHERNER!!!!!!
Rofl....but sheeze....sounds like some there I never heard of. 2 more inches coming to mid west now. Uncle already. How many days till spring.

Mc I saw 49 of 50 states have snow fla friends and family are saying hhehr
Counting the days till spring.
Well they've changed our forecast and we are due for 2" to 4" of snow on Monday and I'm glad. It was originally freezing rain.
Mine says showers late tonight do again I have to go work in it
Now I am getting freezing rain throughout the. Night with 2 in snow. Glad it's my day ocf
Well they've changed our forecast and we are due for 2" to 4" of snow on Monday and I'm glad. It was originally freezing rain.
Same here.
I had been curious.....but just learned that the start of snow year is July 1st 2013. Cols oh has 50.3 as if now. Record is 1908 of 67.8. Who knew.
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