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I have orders a few books last week and wanted to give a suggestion to anyone that likes to read military books.
The 1st I am reading is called Ronin, A marine scout/sniper platoon in Iraq, by Mike Tucker {$17 at amazon}
The author is a former marine and is following along with sniper teams Ronin 1-4
This book will impress you as far as the bravery these guys went through, and will **** you off with the BS they had to en dour from the top brass.
Example of that is having Ahmed Sirhan in there sights and were denied taking him out by Cpt. Wardman and Golf REACT.. and how these brave men who KNEW Fallujah like the back of their hand and gone through the city undetected MANY times, gets put on Guarding a post or the Iraq police station.
Which brings me to ANOTHER point that will **** you off is the Iraq police are LETTING the terrorist plant IED's....and the fact WE as in the USA are protecting, supplying and arming them!! They are the ones helping kill our boys over there.
Anyway great reading on this one. The next book is about a seal team just before the war started and getting separated from each other and having to survive.
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