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I have been following the "Slow Burn Fitness Revolution" (Authors Hahn and Eades) workout for the last 5 years and have completely reshaped and toned and then have been able to maintain doing it twice a week for about 20 min each session.

Its a fabulous workout. The 15 minutes to 20 minute sessions really work you hard but the pay out is amazing. This is THE most efficient workout I've found that really works. I've lost a bunch of inches and have a level of fitness that allows me to pretty much do what ever I want physically . . .and I'm 60 and the mother of two grown sons in their 20's. We went kayaking this last year for a 6 hr stint. I kept up with them just fine though at the last we were all wiped out fighting currents. This basic workout allows me to pick up on a physical adventure, go backpacking, skiing, kayaking without having to constantly train for it.

So what do you actually do with this program?

It is eleven exercises that are fairly standard -- squats, push ups, sit ups, along with basic weights moves -- bicep curl, overhead press, etc. The trick is each exercises are done VERY slowly. Imagine a push up done 10 full seconds (1,001, 1,002, type count) going down and then 10 full seconds going back up. You don't need to do more than about 3 to 6 of these before your muscles will start to quiver and give out (unless you are already very buff.) The work out aims for the point where your muscles know they cant do another (quivering). At that point -- according to the MD's who wrote the book -- our bodies send out a hormonal signal to build more muscle. And it is only when we reach that point of muscle exhaustion that muscle mass is built. Is it hard? Yes but its also very short. I can endure it because it is short.

So each of the 11 exercises are done very slowly in order to stress the muscle as fast as possible. That means 3 to 6 reps and then quit.

And after doing these 11 exercises to the point of complete muscle fatigue you quit and get a 4 or 5 day break so your body can rebuild the muscles and build new muscle. The break is necessary and based in solid research.

The routine is done about every 5 days (tho I sometimes do it 2 x a week and sometimes only once a week). You can maintain on once a week.

For those of you in the "older" crowd (and even younger ones) I can't say enough good about this work out. Its safe because they are done very slowly-- nearly impossible to injure yourself doing them. It completely got rid of a chronic low back pain I'd had for years. I feel like I have my body back! I was athletic as a child and then lost it during the child bearing years and chronic pain from the back/hips.

And what is amazing is -- it really does deliver what it promises: fitness in 30 minutes a week (make that really more likely 40).

Recently I had to do a sprint at an airport for a nearly missed plane pulling along my rather heavy roller bag. Mind you I do not jog or run or do aerobics -- just this work out. But I was barely winded. The authors say that good muscle mass equals fitness because you build more capillaries which delivers more oxygen. And apparently that is so.

So for those of you who do not like hours spent on workouts and are not big fans of jogging or running (or have bad knees), I would very much recommend you check out this way of getting fit.
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