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Sleep deprivation is something all of us have experienced, short term or long term for a variety of reasons.
One of the common factors is stress, it can disrupt sleep patterns, causing or amplifying stress reactions.
Simplified, it is cause and effect and, cause.

Short term effects of sleep deprivation.

Health related issues.

Sleep stages.

Different sleep patterns.

Human Bio clock.

Sleep assessment tool.

As survivalists, not being able to function physically, emotionally or rationally in stressfull survival situations can result in tragic consequences.
Lack of sleep is a big inhibiting factor on how we assess, react, plan and impliment long, short term and snap decisions to situations.

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I worked a contract job some years ago - twice a year, 80 hours a week for 9 weeks at a time. And I had a 35 mile daily commute - heh.

One of my favorite scenes ever is in Fight Club, where he's standing at the copy machine speaking of insomnia. Guess you have to know it to truly appreciate it. Cornflower blue, it must be Tuesday... :D:
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