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Yesterday 4/14/2010

Went to my aunts house, she has lots of land. So i took my sig p226 with and a couple targets. I was shooting combat stance, 15 feet away from the target. i was using WWB 100 round box, remington bulk ammo, and hornady tap.

wwb 115 g
rem. bulk 115
hornady tap 124

I shot double taps, slow fire, weak hand and strong hand. to muddy to lay on the ground. I love this gun. First Slow fire

these were ten round shots for accuracy.

Winchester 115g
Slowfire kept them all in a group bout the size of a baseball. then i did another ten rapid fire, that opend up to about nerf ball, couple in the 9 ring and 1 in the 8. i jumped the gun alittle.
Weak hand. I actually shoot better left handed than right handed, just found that out, but i was actually happy with my group. Little bigger than a base ball.

Remington 115
Rapidfire those are just a accurate as winchester. groups were all about softballs. No malfunctions of anykind.

hornady 124 g

THese were actually the least acurate. for slow fire there were 3 flyers and the rest stay on target. bout the size of a a small basketball. rapid fire opended up to about the size of a small basket ball

Conclusion i love the 226. its my go to handgun. I belive in its reliability. Ive had 16 hundred rounds thre this gun, and its the older carbon steel version. E. germany. There were no malfunctions of anykind. my 13 yr old cousin never shot before small hand said this was AWESOME. wasnt to big or to small. recoil was low for me, he shot good. not as good as me but ive been shootin 14 years.. All in all
Id BET my LIFE ON IT...............HEll and back reliability.

Im not paid by sig but i do endorse there products. because i can and i love them Phil

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The 226 used to be one of my alltime favorite self defense pistols. It just seemed to work better for me than almost anything else other than a 1911. Later on I discovered the CZ-75 and it took over the title. But that's not to knock the 226 at all.
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