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Sig Sauer P365 or Ruger LC9 For Micro Conceal Carry?

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I've been carrying a small, S&W 638-3 revolver as my conceal-carry for more than two years (maybe closer to three years). It's a decent little gun, but I want something with a bit more capacity. This revolver is a 5 shot, .38 special. If I want to carry more ammo ... I either have to carry a speed loader which is bulky or extra loose rounds rolling around in my pocket. Neither option is ideal.

So I think I've narrowed my search down to two pistols: The Sig Sauer P365 or the Ruger LC9 (or possibly the EC9 economy version). I really wanted the Wilson Combat SFX9 but they're $3000.00 which is out of the question.

My revolver is about 6.5" from the tip of the barrel to the far end of the grip. The cylinder is almost 1.5" across. So both of these semi auto pistols are a bit shorter and not as wide. Great for concealment.

Anyway ... has anyone had personal experience with either of the above and, if so, what are your thoughts? I'd really like to hear from someone who owns both or who's at least shot both fairly extensively. I'm not too concerned about price, although the Ruger is almost $300.00 cheaper than the Sig.

I'm leaning towards the Sig because it's a 10+1 capacity to the Ruger's 7+1. The other benefit to a semi auto is that I can carry an extra mag instead of a fat speed loader or loose rounds. Both are 9mm which is fine with me.

P.S. If there's a better option out there (like the Springfield Armory Hellcat) feel free to make some suggestions. Thanks.

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Besides shooting a 1911, the Sig 365X, for me, has the BEST trigger on the market. It is very accurate. LC9, low quality.
Just decide what model you want. I carry the X, with the Zero on top, and Trl6 light. It really is a phenomenal gun. My wife also likes it a lot. I will buy her the standard though. She currently carries a Kimber micro 9.
I do pocket carry, in cargo pocket, along with kydex trigger guard, the S&W bodyguard. But, the trigger is horrendous, and I only carry because of concealment concern in a location it is frowned upon to carry.
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The LC9, LC9S, and EC9S are all older designs being replaced in the Ruger line up by the Max-9. I have an LC9S and it's okay for a low budget gun. But it's nowhere close to the quality and shootability of my Sig P365, 365XL, or 365 Macro. I also prefer my Shield Plus(es) over the Ruger, and most days I prefer it over the Sigs. It is a little bigger but much easier to shoot well as it has less felt recoil and muzzle flip. I have been putting my .30SC Shield Plus through it's paces for a number of months now and it's becoming my preferred carry gun. 16+1 rounds of ammo with basically 9mm performance in a easy to carry package.

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What’s your opinion on the comparing the triggers of the 365 and the shield plus?
The Shield Plus has an excellent trigger, as good as the Sig, though different. I prefer NOT bladed triggers, but it was one of the best of the type that I've used, with the META trigger by Springfield at #1.

If it had pointed better, I would have bought it. But the Sig worked better for me, and has an even better trigger for my use.
Thank You sir.
365's are good, but the new Smith Shield Plus has a better stock trigger. Likely the best stock striker fired trigger on the market.
Both you and @ajole seem to like that trigger. I’m going to take a look at them the next time I’m at gun shop. That 365 trigger is legit, if the Plus is better, I would buy one. You can’t beat a good trigger!
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It's a 3.0 trigger, better than any stock striker Smith trigger. I've shot it side by side with 365s, Glocks, other Smiths. Best each time. Next to a Glock trigger, no contest. Next to the 365, the Smith trigger was a bit better.
Gun shop had the Plus TS, tried the trigger, it’s a good trigger. I don’t like the safety blade, but that’s not enough for me to pass on it.
I have shot a lot rounds through my 365, still believe it’s the best trigger. But, it’s not fair comparison by just dry firing a few times the Plus.
I will put it on the list to buy. Thanks.
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