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Daughter used to have an LC9s - sold it, as she just didn't care for it.. While it Was solidly-accurate, shot cleanly / ate anything without complaining, as Hick says above - and was Very concealable - it just felt 'light' in the hands, due to the narrow grip.. Personally, I didn't care for the fit in the hand, either, though I'll admit I had a hard time actually letting it go.. :geek:

If yer considering the Springfield.. May I suggest First considering the APX A1..

While I (astonishingly, given it's a Beretta) Did have a 'small issue' with it (slide-lock would 'bounce' after 2-3 rounds, and lock-back the slide before Mag was empty (Not Good..) but I fixed that with a small strip of 'heat-shrink tubing', between the lock-paddle / frame. Wasn't real happy about that, but All good, Totally Solid now, and ended up being ~$300. after the $100. Rebate, w/ 2 mags.. Smooth, clean, Accurate and nicely Concealable. (y)

Yeah, it's a little 'light on capacity' (6+1 or 8+1, optional..) but that's what Target Practice and spare Mags are for.. :cool: Personally, have no experience with the P365, though I know a Lot of peeps who Swear by 'em.. I'd be more inclined towards a Sig, before the other, there..

1 - 1 of 129 Posts