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Well, since you already made your decision without consulting me, I'll just say, Glock 43.

I never got into the newer Sig 365/320. In fact I haven't bought a gun in 6 or 7 years. Everytime I want a new gun I look at my Glock and ask myself, "Is that gun better/more effective than a Glock?

I sometimes carry an LC9 walking around the neighborhood if I'm wearing shorts in the summer, simply because it has a nice "clip on" iwb holster. If I carry a BUG, or need a high concealment gun, which I don't anymore except on rare trips to a city, I carry a G-43 with a 9 rd extended mag base (I think it's 9, shows how long since I carried it). If I needed a gun for a non-permissive environment I'd go with an LCP.

With few exceptions I have carried the same G-19 for the past ten years or so. I am of the school that you will not reload in a gunfight and so I'd like as many rds as possible.

As for SEAL's, or military, their pistols are generally last ditch defensive weapon if their long gun fails, so their mission is different from ours as civilians. Otherwise we'd all be carrying HK MK23's or something. The way things are going we prolly should be... ;)
Wow! We almost made it without someone saying the “G-word.” 🤮
1 - 2 of 129 Posts