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SHTF whilst on holiday/vacation?

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The recent problems with flights over here, has made me think what would I do if the SHTF when I was abroad?

A lot of us on here, tend to go walking & climbing etc when on vacation either at home or abroad, so we would be in a better position than most sheeple. As we would have camping supplies and other stuff with us.

Anyway, I'm still trying to figure out what I would do in this sort of situation & it would be great to have some input on this, as it doesn't matter how many preps you've got at home, if you're in another country when it happens!:eek:
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That would definately be the worst case scenario (short of the Earth exploding) in shtf. I thought the same thing, like if I was on a cruise. I would imagine the only thing you can do is rely on your skills (if any) to survive. I think stuff like that happened in Haiti. If I were in the city I would go to the suburbs. I would also try to have enough local currence on hand to at least get water. If I were stuck in an airport waiting for the sky to clear I would just wait it out.

Thankfully, do to my lack of finances, I won't be traveling overseas anytime soon :)
We are going to Jamaica in August (love that place) with our kids and our sheeple friends and their kids. Obviously, I can't bring any of my "real" preps with me (airline regulations and local laws and all that nonsense). To prepare for disruptions in international travel, I am going to bring a week's worth of expenses in cash, make sure my credit cards are accepted locally, and I will keep checking the news while there. For everything else... we will just have to see what (if anything) happens, and go with the flow when it does.
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