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SHTF Watch/Autonotice

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Is there a service, site, etc that produces a viable SHTF watch for martial law, invasion, terror attack, facist takeover, or etc that sends out an email or SMS message? If **** is going down, I want to set a specific alert on my Blackberry to go ape**** so I know to get started on my checklists. News are too slow, and you don't know something is going on unless you watch it constantly.

It would be nice. Preferably an independent source from the media such as a peer-to-peer or community-to-community run network.
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Get a Ham license and equipment, trusting to an internet or cell phone transfer of information during a real emergency is asking to be misled and lied to.

Yes, Ham is a little slower than the "ADD" news system. But when you talk to a real person that is really there then you find out what is going on. Unlike that reporter that was reporting on scene 3,000 miles away during Bosnia.
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