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After reading about the many scenarios that can lead us into a SHTF event, I've come to realize that there are a few items that most people seem to disregard and forget to store. I figured I should at least mention them and see if you guys agree. Who knows? Maybe these items can save your life...

1. Dr. Scholl's Foot Gel Inserts: What most people tend to forget is that walking will be the most used method of transportation for most people after any scenario occurs. Having some of these inserts handy would be great on one's feet and can be a great barter item.

2. Pair of High Quality Boots: Purchasing a good pair and storing them for just emergencies would be an awesome idea. Your feet will thank you.

3. Extra Boot Laces and Boot Repair & Maintenance Accessories: You never know when an extra lace will come in handy.

4. Wooden Rat Traps: For those not familiar with survival trapping techniques, one can simply set these bad boys up and wait for their meal to arrive. A good tip would be to pre-drill a hole through the trap to tie a rope or string around it so that whatever gets caught doesn't run off with the trap. Plus, they're reusable!

5. Extra Heavy Duty Chain, Extra Combo Locks, and Bolt Cutters: Never know when you might need to cut some entryways for survival. Again, ONLY for SHTF in an emergency. The chain can then be used to secure the gate or door for security by attaching the extra combo locks.

6. Bug Repellent Sprays and Glue Traps: Always on sale and might come in handy when garbage starts to attract unwanted pests in the home. It can also cut down on the diseases that might run rampant due to insects and rodents spreading them around.

7. Wool Blankets: As with many seasonal items, purchasing these now in the summer would be a great option. They're in stock and cost less than in colder times. You can never have enough warm blankets. Might also come in handy as a barter item too.

I know there a quite a few more items I would keep handy, but these jump out at me for now. Feel free to add more items you think might be useful or to critique the above listed items. Always looking forward to learning more and preparing better. As always, God speed!:thumb:

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not necessarily a storage item but something that I have used a few times.

My wife has a few of those cheap mirrors that you hang on the back of a door. During power outages I have used them to reflect light inside the house. Modern houses are not designed with windows like they were a few dacades ago. Homes were designed to circulate air and let in light by utilizing taller windows.

When we lose power during the day I can put the mirrir under a window and it will light an entire room just from the light coming through the window. I also can use it at night by putting one candle in the middle of the mirror, on a table or something like that, and it will multiply the light cast by the candle. I'm able to use fewer candles for more light!
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