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SHTF Candle

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I'm sure many know how to do this but for them that don't here are two SHTF candle's I just made, the small one has been burning a good hour now and the large one around 40 mins.

You will need jar or tin, I used cotton wool wrapped around barb q sticks, cocktail stick would work, I used sunflower oil, any cooking oil should work, I'm going to try some real cheap oil whe i get chance to pick some up.
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I'm wondering if you could filter the vegetable oil from a tuna can in your emergency rations, maybe through a paper coffee filter and use that in the candle, might smell a little bit but if things are really bad and there is no leccy you will be grateful that you have it. I'm growing sunflowers this year to figure out how you get the oil out of the seeds (think you crush them with a mortar & pestle then heat them in boiling water (i will have to try this, I think any oil that is extracted during heating should float on top of the water and you can drain it off)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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