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SHTF Candle

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I'm sure many know how to do this but for them that don't here are two SHTF candle's I just made, the small one has been burning a good hour now and the large one around 40 mins.

You will need jar or tin, I used cotton wool wrapped around barb q sticks, cocktail stick would work, I used sunflower oil, any cooking oil should work, I'm going to try some real cheap oil whe i get chance to pick some up.
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Well had to pop out so blew them out, 3 hours used so far, just re-lit both and did not need to change the wick, ill time this.

Also found out can reuse old cooking oils, will need to give that a try.
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OP, think you could explain how to make those step by step for us dumb grunts?
Sure, sorry about the dark pics though after the first pic it went a bit wrong.

What you need, cooking oil, barb q stick, cotton wool, jar with lid.

Punch a hole into lid with screw driver.

Fill jar to top with the oil.

barb q stick and cotton wool, ready to wrap.

Now wrapped.

At this stage I like to soak the cotton wool wick in the oil to get a tighter wrap; to wrap roll in between hands.

Insert wick from the bottom of the lid.

Is done.

Light it wait for the black smoke to stop, and is done.

If you find you get black smoke for longer than 3 mins, it means your wick is standing to tall from the where it left the lid top, so as it is burning take off the tip of wick until no more smoke.
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Ok,that looks very easy and helpful in a SHTF scenario.Please,forgive my "she blinded me with science" moment but whats keeps the fire from following the wick down to the liquid oil?
I guess the little hole on the lid and as the wick burns the oil is soaked upwards towards it's tip.

It don't matter if you don't use a cover, here is a pic of the same style wick but this time sat in the oil no lid.

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