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Short Story I wrote today during work. Didn't really know where to post. It was a slow day at work. And don't judge my English or Grammer. Its my second language.Plus it was just for ****s and giggles.

You try to open your eyes slowly. It hurts. You start to panic and try again to open them. Dried blood has welded your eye lids shut. You try to bring up your hands to rub your eyes. You panic once again as you realize you cant move your arms and your wrists feel on fire.Your arms are bound. You wiggle your body but it feels like spears are in your back. The knots are loose. Thank God you think! Your senses finally come alive and you begin to smell. A stagnate smell. You hear nothing. Fear overruns your body. The sand and the dirt on your hands makes your eyes burn even more. You feel reassured when you can see. It calms you for a moment when you realize that you aren't blind. You feel around you as you try to prop yourself up. You make out that there are no spears but just jagged edges of wood and cinder blocks.

Where am I? You try to gain a perspective of what happened and where you are. Nothing comes to mind but slowly your eyes adjust. Suddenly you hear voices. You aren't sure. There they are again? Cautiously you lay down on the bed of rubble again. Your sure now you heard the voices. Footsteps? Someone is coming? You ponder whether to call out for help. You begin to remember. Recollections of memories jog your mind, between flashes and riddles you come to remember: watching TV, your wife coming home from work. You haven't had money coming in for weeks. But she refuses to stop going to the hospital to see the patients. The TV stopped working, the supermarkets where empty, corpses lay in the street, Fighting for food and water. Your mind is racing, your eyes flicker back and forth." We already got all this . These motherf•••••s had a s••tload of food." The voices! You come back to reality. They are closer. "Yea, we got it all, should hold us up till we get to the next town. These bastards put up a fight, They even got Tom!"
The footsteps stop... Too close, you think. You hear a zipper go down and a glass bottle shatter no more than a foot from your head. You crinch trying to avoid any glass in your face. The familiar sound of mother nature takes its course as a potent yellow puddle starts to swirl and collect in a puddle under your cheek. You don't dare to move.

You hold your breath and wait. A voice shouts out. "Get back to the truck! We're leaving". A truck starts up. The puddle of urine has soaked in the ground the footsteps you heard are now walking the the diction and become faint. You pick your head up slightly to shuffle your sore body away from the puddle. You inhale a deep breath. It feels good until you taste the ash. The fire. You suddenly remember!

You waited for your wife to come home after work. Sitting listening to your radio and constantly glancing at your wristwatch. She was late, not by much but as the minutes kept creeping by, you worried even more. She did have her Kel-Tec PMR 32. She wanted it because she thought the day it came out it was Tacticool. She knew how to use it! Hours at the range and taking her hunting had made her comfortable and sometimes even a better shot than you.

11:30! An hour late. It was too much to bear, especially in these times. You grabbed your BOB and you AK 74 you had gotten for moments of uncertainty and got in your rig. You drove into town, dumbfounded and in awe. It had been getting bad for weeks but your wife was stubborn and you knew this. If her mind was made up she would do as she deemed fit. She worked with the kids at the hospital and tried desperately to keep them healthy and happy throughout this. You knew why she was so involved. She wasn't able to have children of her own. People in Hoodies where running from corner to corner ducking in and out of ransacked businesses. You see the hospital up ahead a few police cars with the flashing lights on, sit at the entrance. Cops haven't done anything but safeguard some of the richer folks and some have taken the law in to their own hands. It makes you weary seeing them here. As you approach and pull in the emergency dock. you realize these cop cars are abandoned just then on of the flashing lights shuts of. Battery Dead! You scan to see if your wife's car is nearby. And sure enough you spot the silver Kia Sorento. She's still here. You are relived but even more anxious now to find her.

You don't want to be here. You think of everything you have done to prepare to avoid situations like these. You knew it was coming. The total collapse of the economy. The money was worthless. They where broke and they just kept printing it. Anger overcomes you but you focus. You feel reassured as you **** back the AK and turn on the sure fire light. Your BOB is heavy but you know its benefits outweigh the burden. You shut the door to your Samurai. Its been a good rig but its shows it age. You see someone running out of the door you aim low but don't engage the target. Looters! The core of our society. Leaches that could never hold their own!The ones that needed the iphone to be cool and have it stick out of their pocket just enough so people could see! Materialistic obsessions had brainwashed most Americans. Paris Hilton and her wannabe admirers where the true conquest of the government. Their plans to keep its population as dumb as possible for as long as possible worked quite well. You remember because you never approved nor subjected yourselve to the brainwashing of the sheeple.

You hear a crunch as you approach the shattered doors of the ER, broken glass is everywhere. Everything seems to have been smashed, you enter and see a few junkies scattered on the floors some barley alive others died from the fix they so desperately needed. One gets up slowly, looks at you but cant focus. He stumbles forward and falls into a umbrella stand. You leave the druggie deemed harmless and cautiously seek the staircase. You never used it before because the elevator was so much easier. You cant help but notice the stench. You pull your shirt over your nose but it doesn't help. You see bloated bodies laying all over under white sheets. Pools of blood on the floor, many already dry. You say outloud, "Poor bastards, never had a chance." You kick open the door to the stair case, raising your AK you scan the room ahead. You step in and and check behind the door. You've seen to many movies! As you take the first step you realize your scared. Scared to find out why Michelle didn't make it home.

You knew she was on the fourth floor, that was where the children where. It was dark and the diesel generators had run out of gas a while ago. Your glad you had your Sure Fire Light. Step by step you tried to focus , the stench the fear everything was playing against you. 4th Floor. You kick the door, Solid. It had been barricaded. You want to shout your wife's name but decide against it. How would you get in? You have the solution in your BOB. Thermite charges! You made these a while back cause you and your buddy thought it would be cool to mess with. Serge? You wonder if he's alright. You remember his laugh and the jokes he made when you had a few beers. As you take the thermite charges you place them on the door hinges. You step back as they ignite. Works like a charm! Just then you grab your shin in pain as a hot spark burns through your cargo pants. "F••king Amateur you curse yourself!" but as the fire dies down, you know it worked. You pry the door off the hinges with your hands and start pushing the desks and tables out of the way. Your in.

The rooms are dark but you see a light coming from under one of the doors in the back. You proceed scanning the hallway with your rifle. When you get to the door you can hear some faint crying. Suddenly you hear some commotion behind you. Someone has followed you and is climbing up the desks you just pushed out of the way. Its a raggedy looking junkie with a cheap rusted knife and hes scanning for his next fix or victim. He raises his hands as you blind him with your light. You tell him to get the hell out of here. He refuses by laughing and asking "who made you the sheriff" and starts toward you. You take no chances and with a quick burst drop him dead. A strange feeling overcomes you. It felt natural. You hadn't had that feeling since the Taliban you killed in Afghanistan back in 2003 during your second tour. It didn't feel good nor did it feel bad . It felt as if it was just second nature. Someone else may come after hearing the AK go off. Ammunition was a luxury most criminals didn't have. You had plenty back at the BOS but it didn't matter if you couldn't get back there. You turned your attention back to the door.

As you approached the door once more you listened and again heard some muffled sounds. You held my breath and then decided to call out to your wife. "Michelle!" , "Michelle are you in there?". You heard her call back "Rob is that you!" You felt relieved, she was alive. She opened the door and you saw what the muffled cries where. Michelle had gathered some nurses and the children left in the hospital in one room. She fell into your arms and she started to cry. She kept apologizing for not making it home. Somewhere in the sobbing you heard everyone dead, junkies and barricade. You knew what she ment. Michelle realized she could not take care of the children and we spend the next hour gathering all food and water we could scrounge up in the hospital. We left it in the room with the kids and barricaded the kids back in the room with the remaining nurses. There was nothing we could do for them. They would eventually have to go out and fend for themselves but we both knew they would perish.We headed back to the rig and made for the BOS.

To be continued.

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good start on a story based on an entirely possible if not likely scenario. thanks german.
when the food stamps and welfare checks stop and the government checks stop - TSHTF.
some places are not accepting New Jersey vouchers for fuel for state cars and some doctors won't accept vouchers for 'medicaid' payment. afraid they won't get their payment.
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