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I enjoy my plinking and range time but would love to be able to turn that experience and skill into a potential money maker to possibly pay for some of the equipment. I know my local sportsman's club has weekly trap shoots but I don't think it is for $. I guess I would try the competitions just for the fun of it though!:)

So I was wondering if anyone has any local competitions and if so do any of them offer decent prizes?

I would like to know if there are any Local, State of Federal laws or regulations which would dictate some rules on competitions for $ or prizes.

So, what do you people think of the idea of competitions. This could be fun and would be a way to make your skill pay for itself while giving yourself a reason tom hit that target! Putting money of a bet, game or competition always makes it more interesting and competitive.

I also think this would be great for the guns and ammo industry. Imagine if there were a competition in every city with a metro population of 500k+ (that would be about 150+ competitions in the US). This could be some good PR for the gun industry and the 2nd ammendment!
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