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I'm going to make this a thread on the state of shipping all over the world. A lack of shipping is one indicator on how bad shortages of products can be. If the US bans all shipping from China, that's a shortage of a LOT of products including apple juice, and electronics.

So I'll start by posting news I've found on shipping.

Please include a link to the story or source when you post.

To start, twenty-foot equivalent units (or TEUs) are the industry’s standard unit of measure, denoting the capacity of a standard freight container. But I think it's safe to assume not every single container is exactly 20ft long.

# 2020-02-26. Tanker (charter) rates plunge over 80% as virus torpedoes shipping.

# 2020-02-28. Tanker traffic to China drops.

# 2020-03-05. China's key ports had 20% less shipping in Feb 2020.

# 2020-03-07. The value of China’s exports for January and February fell 17.2 per cent from the equivalent period of 2019 to US$292.45 billion (that sounds like year-over-year, aka YOY). YOY comparisons are used to account for seasonal changes in shipping.

The Los Angeles port in the US will not release February stats until March 15, and Feb stats are what I'm interested in, but here is where you will get those stats, to compare to the year before. LA port releases stats on the 15th of every month.

# LA port container stats.

# LA port stats.
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