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I was taught to draw to the ready position. Any technique requires practice.
That's all fine and good and a great technique that was taught to me years ago and I've practiced since ... but it is not for beginners. It's meant strictly to be employed from the ready position, not from the draw - and you have to be very very careful with your weak hand when bringing your weapon up to the ready - especially with handguns, much less so with longer sticks but it definitely does lend one to short stroke a pump unless you get very used to the movement from ready to high to shoulder.

It is much more practical, and safer, to practice with the sidearm from the draw, slapping a weak hand to your chest to get it out of the way for the first two high/low shots followed by the third however you feel best delivering.

Just a thought. Would hate to see a newbie run to the backyard to try that and end up shooting off a finger or taking a slide to the ribs or wrist.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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