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Shakespeare telescopic fishing pole?

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Saw what appeared to be a nice little telescoping fishing pole for 15$ that came with a small (also nice size for my pack) tackle box and a variety of lures. I looked at the price, at all that was included, then back at the price and wondered if it was either the ghetto kind of cheap or the lasts for 50 years, simple, durable, good kind of cheap.

So, any experience with this brand, Shakespeare? It was fibreglass and that kinda put me off a little compared to the durability of the graphite version, but I really liked that little pole in particular.

If not, got any experience with another brand of telescoping fishing pole you'd recommend? I'd like to get one soon but I haven't used any of the brands I saw them in.
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Just my opinion but I think they are a waist of space. I just carry fishing line and the appropriate bate. Use as stick, walking stick, tent pole anything. I just don't think they warrent the space they take up. JMHO
Check out TheMobyStick. It's more expensive, but better made.

I think a proper fishing rod is absolutely worth it. Sure, you can tie some line to a stick and catch a fish. But with a proper rod and lures, you greatly improve your chances. You'll never see anyone win a Bassmaster tournament with a stick.
I'm not familiar with it, but if it can cast and is compact, it will catch fish.
Having a castable rod in your backpack is a "good thing" IMO:thumb:
Price is right.
Hurricane Ike has tore up the Texas coast purdy bad,....even the coastal asphalt roads are damaged. I'm fishing jonesing real bad. I WILL fish this week,...the bull reds are running in the surf.:D:
I agree with those of you who are in favor of a castable rod as part of your gear. It definately increases your chance of success. I also have become fond of fishing with a 11-12 foot telescoping "Crappie pole" I picked up in Cabelas for about 10 bucks. It is a lot of fun and collapses to about 3 feet in length. It is kind of back to basics but with modern materials.
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