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Shade Cloth protective Igloo

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This is a shade cloth Igloo, which protects veges from the harsh direct sunlight, hard direct rain, a measure of protection from hail, snow and to some extent frost.

It is porous to rain, water and filtered sunlight, allows good air flow around plants for pollinating insects, and, reduces fungal and other diseases in hot humid conditions.

The shade cloth is available in different colours, various sun filter grades, is very hardy and UV stabalised.

Pic #1 This is about, 15 meters long, 3 meters wide and 2.5 metres high.
However, dimensions can be suited to your requirements.

Pic # 2 An inside view, the black hoops are made from lengths 50mm/2 inch flexible poly or irrigation pipe. The hoops, in this case, are held in place at the top by light galvanised ceiling batterns, because of high winds in this area.
Heavy guage fencing wire can also be used.

Pic # 3 A closer view of the stabilising hoop batterns. In this view, the batterns are fastened to the hops by roof screws, if wire is used, loop and tie.

Pic # 4 Each end of the poly hoops is secured to a steel star or fence picket up the inside of the pipe ( about 9-12 inches) and, a roof screw drilled through the poly pipe into one of the holes in the steel picket. This prevents the canopy from lifting off in high winds.

Pic # 5 The shade cloth skirt is secured to heavy guage fencing wire, which is attached to the steel pickets, suggest min height above ground about 6 - 12 inches.

Pic # 6 A closer view of the shade cloth skirt.

Pic # 7 A close up view of the heavy duty, woven synthetic, tear resistant shade cloth.

Pic # 8 A close up view, heavy duty wire clips, same as used for wire mesh, used to secure shade cloth skirts.

Pic # 9 A close view of clip lock.

If pets or verman are a problem, it is quite easy to wire mesh the entire structure off.
However, this is not a green house of any description.

Edit. Sorry, two of the pic didn't load.


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nice but is it possible to get pic of whole project (from a distance) so I can see what it looks like..size etc..?
Sorry mate,
troubles with this site for past 24 hrs including loading of original pics.

So here goes,

Pic #1 Full length, but can be customed to what is required. This one is east/west end to end.

Pic #2 A better view of the inside.


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Thanks for the pictures. I have some old tent poles that I could possibly sue for this purpose. Then I could grow spinach and lettace latter in the season.
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