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I have a sewage problem. The ants in Texas shorted out my
sewage pump. I have some backup (water mostly) but the
hillside my house is on an some piles of sawdust (covered with
plastic bags) have kept it in check. But I have take biology
courses and know this is bad.

If I get a sewage pump so what,.. how do I at least clear the
water and process it (UV? spin it like a centrifuge?)? At some
point of TEOTWAWKI we will have to deal with it....



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I had a hard time with your post, so this is what you need to do to fix your pump. Most sewer pumps have a pump switch that plugs in to the pump cord and to the power cord/wire from your house. This plug gets pluged in to from both sides, and tells the pumt to start and when to stop. Most of the time the switch takes on water and wont float, or turn on your pump. So what you need to do is unplug this and by pass it . plug your pump in to a cord from your house and see if it will turn on. If you have a cheap pump you might not beable to by pass it. Your pump pumps water to the drain field or to a city main, if they wont take water in a shtf case just pump it out on the ground in the sun light and it will dry up or run away. I would be happy to walk you threw your pump replacement if you need more info. I have done 100's of them over the years. You can PM me if you need to. Good luck
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