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Apparently Padres pitcher Tim Stauffer had a sudden trip to the surgery when his appendix let go on him.

Stauffer initially did a self-diagnosis on the pain he was having in his abdomen on his iPhone, by using,

Appendicitis is the most common causes of emergency abdominal surgery and while the young and old are more likely to get it anyone can and at any time. Score one for the iPhone but to repeat the slogan "skills over tools".

I realized I had no idea what the symptoms were. Obviously, if you fall down and break a bone you know you have to seek emergency help. However something like dehydration is very dangerous and can easily sneak up on you if you don't know the symptoms, watch for them, and do something about them instead of assuming it's nothing to worry about.

So my question to your medicos out there is "what do you think are the top ten common ailments that everyone should know the symptoms for off by heart"?

TIA :thumb:
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