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Just a personal observation: I have been seeing an increase of muslim families on the base lately shopping and using the facilities. I do NOT know of their citizenship status or military affiliation. There could just be an increase in muslim service members.

It is very noticeable though.
It's an increase of Muslim service members. I've worked on a base that is a US Army Training Center, and I've seen quite a few Muslim service members there either as new boots, or going through AIT, so it's understandable to see Muslim family members on base around Graduation Day. --I have no issues with this at all, they are American Citizens, and as such they are doing their duty to the country.

Also, as you probably know, aside from spouses/kids of active service members, about the only things that non-veteran civvies, can buy on base are food products, gift cards for active service members, and perhaps a tank of gas.

Furthermore, on the other side of the gate, there is a tobacco store run by Arabs of some sort, and I've seen Arabic Officers in there on a few occasions to use their back of the store Shisha lounge. --All they're doing is getting a taste of their home culture.

Also FWIW, I knew an Iraqi refugee who was employed by the Army as a Cultural Liason for troops who were destined to ship out to Iraq.

As far as Gulen is concerned, he appears to be a moderately conservative Sufi, and not a Wahabbi or a Salafi.
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