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SD Essentials

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I've noticed, and agree, that many believe that no single martial art has all of the bases covered. Some are good as far as they go but don't go far enough. Others fill up with a lot of useless fluff.

So I'd like to see if we could nail down what we think of as the essential elements in a complete SD system might be. Kind of a 'create our own' style. From there we might work out who offers the best instruction in which elements.

I'll start by saying that I'd consider the elements that need to be covered include:

Avoidance, situation awareness, and legal responsibilities.
My body weapons.
Their body targets.
Improvisation of weapons.
Grappling and groundwork.
Adrenalin and psych.

Most of which are covered by Geoff Thompson, Senshido, and Lee Morrison.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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