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I've noticed, and agree, that many believe that no single martial art has all of the bases covered. Some are good as far as they go but don't go far enough. Others fill up with a lot of useless fluff.

So I'd like to see if we could nail down what we think of as the essential elements in a complete SD system might be. Kind of a 'create our own' style. From there we might work out who offers the best instruction in which elements.

I'll start by saying that I'd consider the elements that need to be covered include:

Avoidance, situation awareness, and legal responsibilities.
My body weapons.
Their body targets.
Improvisation of weapons.
Grappling and groundwork.
Adrenalin and psych.

Most of which are covered by Geoff Thompson, Senshido, and Lee Morrison.
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So are you advertising for these individuals you mentioned? Sure sounds like it too me.
Nope. The purpose of this thread is to consider what would go into a complete martial art/combatives system, and where to find the info.

In case I wasn't clear enough, a common sentiment that appears among these threads that seek to nut out which are the more effective styles for survival purposes, is that "no style has it all".

So I think it might be useful to sort the wheat from the chaff, to find out if it's possible to reach consensus on what the complete system should include if we could make our own.

Do I like the systems I mentioned? Yes. I hope that others will share which styles they found useful.

I must say I agree with Rinpoche to some extent on the issue of long term training and aging. The truth is that we are all getting older rather than younger, and if you have to do the time anyway...

However, I'm more interested in what would be the best way that the average person to protect themselves would be, without necessarily devoting the rest of their lives to a spiritual journey or lifestyle.
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