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Supreme Court decision could change future of Memphis Sand aquifer (

The U.S. Supreme Court set clear rules last week for how it views the untold gallons of water underneath eight states – the water belongs to every state that relies on it.
For years, Mississippi claimed Tennessee and the city of Memphis were stealing billions of gallons of water from underneath it. The High Court did not buy it.
In a Nov. 22 ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for a unanimous court, said “The Court rejects Mississippi’s contention that it has a sovereign ownership right to all water beneath its surface that precludes application of equitable apportionment.”
That clunky phrase, equitable apportionment, signals a new era for not just how the Middle Claiborne Aquifer will be governed but all interstate aquifers, water law and policy experts said in interviews with The Commercial Appeal last week.
Those same experts said the ruling could open the door to further cooperation among the states that use the Middle Claiborne Aquifer, and, maybe, revive a long-talked-about idea — an interstate compact among the states.

sounds like the reaffirmed existing policy rather than change anything

I don't think water is a big issue in the Southeast USA. out West, different story.

anyone with direct knowledge of?
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Pretty sure if there’s water, somebody’s fighting over it. This is Georgia, Alabama, and Florida over the Chattahoochee.
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