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OK. Last night we get this call from someone saying they need to "verify" the information I filled out on the census form. We got the short form, have nothing to hide, I filled it out completely and mailed back the next day all signed and pretty. I tell this guy that if I lied about the information on the form, I would pretty much lie about it again in a phone call----Don't you think?

This guy starts quoting me chapter and verse on Section whatever, paragraph such and such, subchapter----you get the picture------and tells me I'm legally required by it to verify the info I filled out on the form. Of course, I told him I was legally required to fill out the form accurately and mail it back, and that if he had any issues he could kiss my A$$ and come out to the house in person with ID.

Has any one else received one of these follow up "verification calls"? Is this some type of scam going around? If I hadn't been so ****ed I would have kept him on the phone longer and played the game a bit to see what he might really be after, but he interrupted Dancing With The Stars!
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