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Well, some may hunt "big game" (such as a poor skinny 15 lb deer) or even bears with the slingshot - but The Slingshot Channel takes this one step farther by using slingshots against the much feared undead Zombie monsters.

As you may know, decapitating them helps a lot. They still bite, but they can't move around and the danger is much reduced.

It was an indirect challenge from that lead to this scary slingshot... can you slice the head of a zombie of its shoulders with a slingshot?

Sure! Watch the world's first handheld guillotine in action. In spite of the heavy rain, The Slingshot Channel shows how the machine operates by slicing a water melon, simply on the pull of a trigger.

Again, I know full well that there aren't any real Zombies, and I accept the fact that I just spent a full weekend on a pretty useless machine... but it was great fun!

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