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Saiga lineup

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I've been thinking about the Saiga lineup of rifles a lot lately. Mainly, I've been thinking of the Saiga rifles for survivalists and preppers who are just beginning to purchase firearms for shtf. I had someone I know ask me for advice about what firearms they should be purchasing as they build their firearms collection in regards to survival and preparedness. I haven't given him an answer yet, so I thought I'd run what I want to suggest to him by you all first to see if you all think I'm on-track with my advice.

He's already got a Glock. I thought he should get a shotgun next, maybe a pump, although he'd do well with a Saiga-12 IMHO. But the pump is cheaper and would allow him to save up and purchase MBR's quicker.

But for MBR I was thinking about directing him to the Saiga rifles. For a little more than the cost of a good AR he could afford to purchase two Saiga rifles, one in .223 or 7.62 and one in .308. He could even save up again and back up both weapons with identical Saiga models.

Would I be steering him wrong if I suggested he begin building his collection from the Saiga line of rifles as opposed to purchasing an AK variant or an AR or AR-10? It just seems to me that Saiga can cover MBR needs for a better price than most other firearms.

What would he be sacrificing by choosing to go with Saiga all the way in terms of quality and reliability? He's not a sharpshooter, so while other firearms might be slightly or even a good bit more accurate, his goal is to hit targets much bigger than a quarter. I didn't think he needed to be able to nail a dime-sized target at 400 yards, just hit a human-sized target.

They say quantity has a quality all its own. I guess the advice I'm considering giving him falls in line with that. He's fired my Saiga-12 and likes it quite a bit. If he tries out the other Saiga rifles and likes they way they shoot then I was thinking he'd do well to stick with the Saiga line exclusively.

What say ye all?
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I almost went with the 308, but the mag cost and ammo cost stopped me. I went with the x39 and am very happy with the decision. I have a 7mm Rem Mag, if I ever need to take a long shot.
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