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I'm not normally one to take notice of things like horoscopes. I think they are little more than entertainment.. but this one lept off the screen at me today.

December 27, 2008
Cancer (6/22-7/22)

"You are increasingly aware of the world around you, which unfortunately means that you are also increasingly aware of the problems that exist. Do not try to tackle them all at once! It might feel like everything has to be addressed at once, but this is simply not realistic -- nor is it healthy. Make a list of what you need to do. Prioritize based on what can be dealt with first, and what needs to wait until you have more time."

Lately I have been working on preparing for things to take a turn for the worst economically and socially. I'm blessed that my personal finances are in pretty good shape for now, but if things collapse personal finances are only good if they were used wisely before hand to prepare.

I've been gathering needed food and medical supplies as well as investing a great deal of time into learning about gardening and water purification to replenish supplies over the long haul..I've also been learning about medical aspects of survival.

The day after Christmas I spent over $500 at costco on preperations... canned meats, fruits and vegetables, bulk seasoning and spices, jugs of olive/canola oil... flour, sugar (i dont bake).. medical supplies like generic immodium AD, ibuprofen, aspirin, tylenol, (I never take anything, not even aspirin) as well as bulk hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and iodine....cans of coffee (im not a coffee drinker)and a case of whiskey (not much of a drinker) for "trading".. I also bought soap and TP and dog food. I grabbed a couple cases of water as well and now have enough "drinking" water for two people for 6 months. Probably enough rice and beans to last a couple of years...OTC medicine to last a couple years... emergency medical supplies to treat dozens of serious bleeds, infections, burns, antibiotics.

When I got to the checkout the cart was so heavy it required great effort to push and more time than normal to stop. When the cashier told me the total my jaw dropped open!

I had a sudden concern that I was going about this the wrong way. I'm not one to spend foolishly or jump into things blindly without practicing due dilligence and analyzing every aspect. I reasoned that $500 dollars on my pantry shelf will be infinitely more valuable than sitting locked in a bank account during a crisis.

I think taking a step back, making a list, prioritizing and being more organized will be a better way to proceed. I also need to put this sense of time urgency in check in order to make better decisions before I find out I've been stocking the wrong/frivolous things or preparing for the wrong scenarios.

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Just don't go too, too nuts.
And don't get too paranoid--although it is only a hightened state of awareness.

If you're wrong--you can just eat it all, if not... well we know.


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More proof that psychics and the like have to either guess at generalities or wait until the handwriting is on the wall.

A sense of urgency serves you well. Try to find good deals but don't dilly-dally. There's plenty of info in here to help you make an informed decision so use it. It doesn't all apply for every individual's situation but you ought to find what works for you. You're right about getting those dollars out of the bank. Who knows if you'd be able to buy half of what you got for that amount in 6-12 months?!?!

Good luck on the preps.
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