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I have hobbies several in fact one is knives and another is military service rifles. I have in my collection a SAFN-49 8mm that I got a while back for a good price and it shoots well. Even as recently I have found milsurp ammo for 105 rounds for $12. It is probably corrosive but it will shoot and I can clean.
Interestingly I have it in the mix instead of a yugo SKS.
The weight, dimentions and egonomics of the two are very simular.
Even the magazine capacity of the two is the same. The big and a very major factor is the different cartridges they shoot. Ballistically my SAFN-49 shoots the 7.92x57 or more commonly called the 8mm mauser (a full power military service rifle cartridge) compared to the 7.62x39 a carbine cartridge.
With the SAFN-49 wile the ammo is a little heavier and the gun about a pound more I gain the advantage of over twice the effective range and a harder hitting bullet within its range.
I am not saying trade in you Yugo just if you have the oppertunity to snag a SAFN-49 at a good price or like me have one around. Do not be adverse to putting it into play. It is a battle proven firearm.
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