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Since hunting this year for the first time in 15 years, I found that Im not loving most hunting rifle stocks. I used an Eddystone model 1917 and its very long for my shorter arms while wearing thick cold weather gear. Im not sure I can get around the thick gear so started to rethink the rifle and a collapsable stock might be the way to go.

The 308 ammo seems to be a lot easier to find lately so was thinking about buying some and get the rifle later. I know the 308 is a great round but wonder if anyone can share their experience with the S&W? I would imagine the stock can be swapped out being the AR platform?


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The Sig 716 usually runs around $1600-$1700 on gun broker. If you are interested in that you should also check out the Ruger SR-762. That's what I'm gonna be getting when my tax returns come back. :D
I picked mine up for 1600 a nova tactical for 500 and a colt gold cup for 350(22)
Not killer deals but they cut me some deals on sights and stuff and I really like supporting locally when I can. If you live around saint Louis I love the service of MID America arms

They also gave me the last two bricks of 22 free and new metro night sights for my edc 23 c glock for cost

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I don't understand the "not lovin rifle stocks" comment.
It sounds like you need to find a rifle with a shorter or intermediate Length Of Pull. A lot of 'full size' rifles can be a too big for smaller statured or shorter armed people.
I would suggest before you drop nearly $2k for a MBR, you try out some smaller rifles like a Remington model 7 or a browning micro. Probably serve your purpose of a deer hunting rifle much better.

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