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If you've never heard of Ruth Stout & her "NO WORK GARDENING" , then you are really missing something !
I had one of her gardening books a number of years ago & I don't read that much but that one was hard for me to put down !
You can still get her book(s) & I will post a link to a search result. A lot of people don't like search result links because they don't know which ONE item I want them to see ! But, scan down the results & you will see a lot of interesting dot coms like "Mother Earth News" for instance & so on. I just don't want to cheat or rob anyone out of being able to surf the results for more great info ! I'm sorry if it bothers you that I do it that way.
One more thing, in scanning the possibilities for more info, I always find better than I could imagine, so why would I hope less for you ?!

(2 parts)
part 2 in the related videos
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