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Russian Survival Movies

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Hey guys, I have a fascination for Russia and for Survivalism.
I have recently watched "Dersu Uzala, 1975" and "As far as my feet can carry me".
Do you guys know any other survival movies made/happening in Russia? Whatever language they speak in the movie.
Thank you so much!

I ve just found "Dersu Uzala, 1961" in Youtube, which sounds also great,
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Don't know if this is up your alley, but there's a great Russian movie called Stalker, which the post apocalyptic survival videogames were modeled after.
Unlike the games, it's much more slower paced and typical of Soviet film of the time, relying on long shots of grass blowing and people not smiling. It's very sober minded in it's approach and everything is understated.

Also, the original Stanislav Lem classic, Solaris was done by the Russians before Clooney turned it into a love story in space. Again, plodding and relying on long camera shots in the Soviet style, but, like Stalker, rewarding if you devote the time to watch it.
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Now in Russia the absolute freedom and the best democracy in the world .:sleep:(soon in Russia Olympiad of Sochi-2014).:thumb:
Earlier in Russia't do movies about survival ... and every film was about survival . Because the whole history of Russia is survival .

: Земля Санникова(1973) , Отряд(1984) , В августе 44-го…(2001) , Охота на пиранью (2006) .

There are small self-made video about survival :

«Stalker» by Tarkovsky, in my opinion, a very stupid»(film directed by Alexei Balabanov).

In the United States make good movies about survival .
(The best problems invented in the United States : zombies , massacres , the invasion of aliens , super public debt ,...Christmas sales .):taped:
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Охота на пиранью
LoL, I just skimmed through this on 'tube.
Russia is freaking crazy.:D:

That was some wacky sh**. Where did the chick with the blonde dreadlocks and leather jacket come from in the middle of the bush? lolwhut??
Here 's a couple, I don't believe they are Russian made. Enemy at the gates and the long walk.
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Film series "Happy People". Just about survival.

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Survival is relative here, but I think it still applies. Idi I Smotri/ Come and See is really good, and AFIAC, probably one of the best war movies ever.

According to the Director, when it first came out in Russia there would be lines of ambulances lined up in front of theatres due to the fact that it triggered PTSD flashbacks in people who had actually lived through it.
Look up letter of a dead man. Post nuke war survival. Crazy movie.

Поднятие нычки, закопанной в прошлом году

Изготовление топора и строительство лесного дома

Деревенские выживальщики Урала

Запас карман не тянет

Подвалы американских выживальщиков

Закрома Родины

Сокрушительный резерв

Росрезерв. Закрома страны

Закрома родины (Росрезерв)

Ударная сила: Стратегический резерв [023]

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Это видео несколько раз удаляли на этом форуме и даже тему удалили с этим видео .

Тайник/Нычка (поднятие через год 15.08.2011-13.10.2012)
Yeah survival movies always fascinate me.
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