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To new members and guest - you are welcome on this site regardless of race, gender, religion etc.

The rules for this site are simple:

1. Foul and/or vulgar language should be avoided when possible. We understand discussions get heated sometimes and tempers flare but please remember we have members here of all kinds of religious faiths, ethnic backgrounds, and a lot of minors as well. This is a family friendly forum Keep your language family friendly and within PG-13 guidelines. If you are unsure a post is appropriate, it most likely is not appropriate.

Do not bypass the language filter. It's there for a reason. Do not try to bypass it by typing in a symbol or changing the spelling of a cuss word. If you feel like cussing just type it like it should be spelled and the language filter will show it like this **, anything else is considered bypassing the language filter and is against forum rules.

Images, pictures, and the language on linked videos/pages/sites/memes/attachments/comments/ anything you didn't type yourself, must also comply with the language standards of the forum. If the language filter would exclude the word if you posted it, it cannot be in pictures/ linked videos/pages/sites/memes/attachments/comments/ anything you didn't type yourself, either.

The easiest way to keep out of trouble is to just type every word spelled correctly, the language filter will change most banned words to ***. If you type "S**T" then we consider that bypassing the filter, don't do it just type it the way it should be. Some words are not picked up by the filter and you may get a warning or infraction for using them so try to remember this is a family forum.

For forum purposes, PG-13 is defined as EXCLUDING:

- language that is normally filtered out by the SB language filter and combinations of benign words to make a statement that creates vulgar or sexually explicit phrases.

- photos, videos or other images that display violent death or murder or links to other sites where the images are on the main screen of that link.

- any references in words, links, videos, or images that sex with children is acceptable behavior.

2. Be respectful of religion. ALL religions, you don’t have to agree with them or like them, but you do have to respect their right to be here just as much as your right to be here. This also includes those who have no religious beliefs. Atheist deserve respect for their beliefs as much as Christians do.

3. Do not flame other members AKA NO TROLLING. Flaming or trolling (also known as bashing) is hostile and/or insulting interaction between members. It is usually the result of the discussion of heated real-world issues like politics or religion... Internet trolls frequently set out to incite flame wars for the sole purpose of offending or irritating other posters. Don't do it! Flaming is not allowed, and trolling is not allowed.

4. Do not act like a child. This means don’t throw temper tantrums or act unruly just because something is not going your way. Most of us are adults here and we expect everyone to conduct themselves accordingly

5. Do not disrupt or hijack threads. Thread disruption detracts from this community's collaborative practice of information sharing and thus is not allowed. Thread disruption may include but not be limited to making substantial edits to a post once it has had several replies, deleting key or multiple posts from discussions, changing quoted posts without drawing attention to the edit, or hijacking the subject of the thread. If you wish to change subjects, start a new thread, do not hijack or derail the existing thread.

6. Do not argue with moderators or admins. Arguing with a moderator will get your account suspended for 24 hours or longer. If a moderator tells you to stop doing something or questions you about a statement you made it is okay to explain your side of things to them. It is not okay to keep trying to change their mind or make them see things your way. You can state your case one time, after that you need to just drop it and let that be the end of it.

DO NOT discuss any actions of the Admin/Mods on the forums doing so will result in a ban being issued. ANY discussions on Admin/Mod actions should ONLY be done via PM (Start Conversation) .We do not discuss our actions about members in public; we expect the same courtesy from our members.

6.B Sending creepy, perverted, or otherwise stalker like messages to any staff, mods or admin will result in an instant lifetime ban

7. Do NOT discuss topics of any illegal nature.
If it’s against the law, it does not need to be on this forum

8. Do NOT discuss, post, or even bring up conversions to make firearms full auto. Those topics will be locked, edited and or deleted and you will be banned from this forum

9. Discussion of how to modify of any firearm or rifle that would make that firearm or rifle in violation of any USA law, in any state or discussions on how to make improvised explosives of any type are prohibited. Think of it like this, if you can’t walk into your local law enforcement offices and show them how to do it without being arrested, you should not be posting how to do it here.

10. Do NOT discuss making explosives of any type. Not now, not ever, in any way shape or form. We have kids that read this forum and we don’t want any of them blowing themselves up (or the adults either). Plus, it could get the forum, and you, in a lot of legal trouble so just don’t do it. Anyone caught discussing making explosives will be banned from the forum.

11. Racism will not be tolerated.
If you have problems with another person’s skin color keep it to yourself or find another forum. This includes but is not limited too racial slurs and/or referring to another race in a derogatory way. Racism in any form is not tolerated on this forum.

12. Religious slurs will not be tolerated. We believe in Freedom of Religion and respect our members rights to have their own religious beliefs and that includes all religions. Religious jokes in the humor section are allowed however if another member finds them offensive, they may be removed without notice or warning.

13. Sexist statements will not be tolerated. We have numerous women members and we believe they all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. If you have something to say consider this, would you want someone saying it to your mother or daughter? Sexist jokes in the humor section are allowed but may be removed it someone finds them offensive.

14. English is the official language of this website. We have several international sections where other languages are more prominent but in the main forum please speak English.

14b. Since English is the official language of the forum, all user screen names must comply with this rule. Members must utilize the Roman/Latin (English) alphabet and/or numeric characters, and the use of 'hyphens' and 'underscores' will also be allowed. Undecipherable symbols, foreign language characters, etc. will not be allowed.

15. Moderators have the right to edit a post at any time for any reason. This includes grammar corrections to make the post easier to read. It also includes editing post for improper content and a bunch of other reasons. We may also just delete your post or the entire thread at any time without warning for any reason and without any notification.

16. This space reserved for new rule concerning signatures due to changes in the forum software

17. Topics on ABORT*ION are NOT allowed. This means do not discuss it, mention it or post articles from other sources that include it in the article, pro or con. Do NOT mention Pro Choice, Pro Life, Roe v Wade EVER. Don't even discuss Planned Parenthood. Do NOT post any pictures, posters or videos/links to videos that depict or contain any of this. This means no discussion of it in any way shape or form, no matter how you phrase it or whatever BS spin you want to put on it to try and justify using it. If it's about the elective ending of an unborn child, fetus or infanticide in any way at all it is not allowed here.

Doing so will result in your post being deleted and an infraction and/or ban being issued.

18. No alternate accounts aka sock puppets or sock accounts.
Each person that visits this site may have one (1) account. Having more than one account requires permission from a member of the moderator’s group. Members that have more than one account will have their accounts deleted and or banned. We understand if your spouse, roommate, sibling etc… want to be members and we welcome them all, just please let us know so we don’t freak out when two or more people show up with the same IP address. If a person is found to have more than one account that they are using it will result in anything from an infraction to a permanent IP ban.

19. No account sharing. Please do not log in with your wife's, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends or best friends account. Each person that visits this site should have their own account.

20. Do NOT post links to any adult / porn sites. Do not post porn pictures or videos, this includes, but is not limited to, anything from hardcore sex to pictures of half-dressed men or women. This also includes posting sex toys.

21. Membership on this site can be revoked for any reason at any time without warning.

22. Images, videos, and links must abide the forum's PG-13 rating.
Language, sexual content and violent content must conform to these guidelines. This also means NO pictures, images or videos of murders, death or excessively graphic violence.

For forum purposes, PG-13 is defined as EXCLUDING:

- language that is normally filtered out by the SB language filter and combinations of benign words to make a statement that creates vulgar or sexually explicit phrases.

- photos, videos or other images that display violent death or murder or links to other sites where the images are on the main screen of that link.

- any references in words, links, videos, or images that sex with children is acceptable behavior.

23. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for the incitement of harm to others. You are free to voice opinion in an adult manner however incitement of harm, death or injury is unacceptable- be it directly or indirectly, meant as a joke or serious.

This includes telling other members to die, or that you wish they (or their family members) would die etc.

Survivalism is about preserving life where at all possible, and death is not something that any survivalist should wish on another or their families. THIS INCLUDES ANY AND ALL DISCUSSION OF HARM TO A PUBLIC OFFICIAL OR THEIR FAMILY

24. "Good-bye" threads are not allowed and will result in a 60-day ban.
This is to go along with your thread being deleted from public view. People come and people go. If you need to go — for whatever reason — just go. Parades are not welcome here. Deleting large numbers of your posts will be viewed as and treated the same as a goodbye post. Repeated occurrences of either action may result in permanent banishment from the forum.

25. Copyright infringement. Do NOT copy anything from any other website unless you own or have rights to the material.

If you want to discuss an article on another site, do not copy the article - just post a link to the article.

If you want to cite an article on another site, do not copy and paste the article - just post a link.


This topic is not open for discussion.

Please see this thread for further details: Copyright Infringement Policy

26. Cop and or Military bashing… Don’t do it! For further information please see this thread: Cop haters

27. The Ladies section is for ladies only. So, fellas...stay out. It is not a place to go tell your favorite dirty joke or try and pick up single women. It is a place for women survivalist (Girlvivalist) to discuss women’s issues. Ladies can post in any section of the forum, they are not limited to just the ladies section, we just made the ladies section so women have a place to go without having to put up with the men if they choose too. There is not a men’s only section... get over it.

28. The section called The Darkside is for adults only and has its own set of rules. If you are easily offended, it is probably not the place for you. Think of it as the really rowdy bar on the other side of town. Enter at your own risk.

29. The "Vendor Member Section" is an area set aside for our approved vendors to post threads discussing the products they offer, have on sale, or new items. You may post in the threads started by vendors, but you must stay on topic. Do not post links to other places that sell the same stuff or similar items. Any off topic or otherwise inappropriate post in this area will be removed, without warning or explanation, and could be subject to an infraction or ban from the forum.

30. Space reserved for rule concerning youth members

31. NO SPAMMING. Spammers of all types will be reported to the Stop Forum Spam website. New members should not post links - as this will could be mistaken as spamming. If you're suspected of spamming, your account will be terminated, all your post will be deleted, your account name, IP address and email address will be submitted to the Stop Forum Spam database.

Spamming defined:

1. Sending unsolicited private messages, posting unsolicited comments to members profiles, or any other form of communications through this forum, which conveys sales offers or links with the purpose of getting members of this community to visit a certain site.

2. Including, but not limited to, posting links to your own website, or websites that you might have a financial interest in promoting.

32. You remain solely responsible for the content of your posted messages. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this forum, any related websites to this forum, its staff, and its subsidiaries. The owners of this forum also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or any other related information collected on this service) in the event of a formal complaint or legal action arising from any situation caused by your use of this forum.

33. Rules and terms of service can change at any time - it is the members responsibility to read the rules and stay updated on any changes.

34. Do NOT post any other members personal information.
Do NOT post any PM's you receive unless you are reporting it to the staff and mods. NO DOXXING of any forum member or pretty much anyone else anywhere

Most infractions will result in a private message asking the offender not to post certain topics. If the offender repeats topics that violate board rules, even though they have been asked very nicely not to, that member will be banned. Some infractions will result in an immediate ban (for example, if you post that you hate Jews and African Americans and wish Hitler were still alive (or something of that nature), you will be banned immediately, your post deleted and we will not even discuss forgiving you…. Ever)

Members are free to discuss any topic on this site, except for those listed above. Moderators are free to issue warnings, infractions or bans at anytime for breaking any rule. Moderators do not care if the person breaking a rule is a new member, old member, VIP, Vendor, Staff member, or another Mod. We are all expected to follow the same rules and will all be subject to the same punishments if they are broken.

It should be noted that members should not list information in their profiles that they do not want others to see. Your profile is viewable by forum members, guests, staff, and mods. If you want to give someone your Facebook name, MySpace name, Instant Messenger address, personal e-mail address or any other information that can allow someone to communicate with you, please be aware that such information can also be given to spammers, identity thieves, stalkers and other shady characters. Your best bet is to not list your information in your profile but instead keep your information private and give it out only to members you know and trust.

We hope that all our members are honest, good people and do not tolerate any misuse of personal information by members of the forum.

We urge you to use caution when adding your ICQ, AIM, Yahoo or any other Instant Message information to your profile page. Although we try to keep this forum safe and family friendly for all of our members and guest, you are using the internet and this forum at your own risk and should take the proper precautions to protect yourself and your family.

If you find you have been contacted by a member of this forum in a way that you feel is unacceptable, please contact any staff or moderator and we will look into it.

This forum does not give out or sell any of the information you provide when you sign up.

This site is striving to be the best survival related forums on the internet. If you have a suggestion please post it in the suggestion section which can be found here: Site Information & Suggestion Box
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