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Royal Berkey Water Filter from

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Awhile back I received a Royal Berkey from for review. I would like to say that I'am impressed with the quality and workmanship of the product. I also had the chance to speak with Jeff, the owner of on the phone, and he sounds like a pretty nice guy.

Vacuum flask

Assembly of the Royal Berkey took about 10 minutes. You could probably do it faster, if you did not take the time to read the directions. Your going to need a screw driver to put the knob on top of the lid, so have that ready.

The stainless steel of the Berkey Water Filter is shiny, you can see the polish marks on it.

The unit I received is the 4 filter unit. From what I read on the berkey website, each filter has an estimated life of around 3,000 gallons. With 4 filters, this unit should be able to produce an estimated 12,000 gallons of safe drinking water.

On a side note - lets see you stockpile 12,000 gallons of safe drinking water without having a private well.

Even though this unit accepts 4 filters, only 2 filters came with it - which is no big deal. Included with the Royal Berkey are two plugs that seal off the 2 unused holes - problem solved.

This is the top reservoir turned upside down with 2 filters and 2 plugs in place.


The filters work by simple gravity flow. Pour the water into the top reservoir, and let gravity do its job.

To get the water out, simply lift the handle.

Overall, I am impressed with the quality and workmanship that Berkey puts into its filters.

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this is timely for me, as I was just getting ready to order a berkey.

I went to amazon to read the reviews and found two.

One was good, and the other was this....

""I don't like this filter system at all.
It's difficult to clean.
I don't like the taste of the water.
Water stands in the top of the unit and never filters to the bottom, so it gets slimy very fast.
It has to be filled constantly, cleaned every week, at least. It's really slow to filter the water, so if you forget to fill it one day, be prepared to wait for several hours to get a glass out of it.
The directions say to be careful with the filters when installing them, not to contaminate them. That doesn't make sense since the filter is suppose to clean dirty water.

It's lame and not worth the money.

When you put water in the top portion you can hear it slowly dripping into the bottom, today I filled the container and noticed that the water is coming out much faster than usual, through the drip screw at the bottom of the filter. If I push down lightly on the filter it slows down. So I'm guessing that the seal on the bottom of the filter where it meets the plastic cup that it sits in, is not like it was when I bought it.

Just another reason not to spend $300 on this piece of crap. ""

Is there any truth to this guys review?
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