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I have the grades and ACT scroes to get a full ROTC scholarship more than likely, and definitely get a very large portion of my college payed at the least, but i have some doubts....

I have noticed that almost everyone who is anyone in the military is a west pointe grad. so what would be the point in doing ROTC if there isnt really much of a chance for far advancement in a military career?

Even ROTC programs are mostly run by West Pointe graduates. If ROTC leaders are as good as valuable as West Pointe graduates and are supposed to be the best, like all their stuff says, why are they never anywhere near the top?

Seeing all this has really made me think twice about ROTC...
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I'm not in ROTC but I am doing Marine NROTC in the fall, so I can't be too much help but from what I hear most (or at least a large number) are not West Point graduates. Of course I don't know as much for the Army but the school I'm going to apparently has some of the highest performing cadets during training. Don't have doubts man if its what you wanna do then by all means do it. Good luck with whatever you do.
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