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I have the grades and ACT scroes to get a full ROTC scholarship more than likely, and definitely get a very large portion of my college payed at the least, but i have some doubts....

I have noticed that almost everyone who is anyone in the military is a west pointe grad. so what would be the point in doing ROTC if there isnt really much of a chance for far advancement in a military career?

Even ROTC programs are mostly run by West Pointe graduates. If ROTC leaders are as good as valuable as West Pointe graduates and are supposed to be the best, like all their stuff says, why are they never anywhere near the top?

Seeing all this has really made me think twice about ROTC...
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I was in ROTC in the early 90's ,one thing I would say is that all programs are not the same.There are big differences between schools and CO's. The CO that was there when I was ,was a good guy but he never really seemed to click with the cadets.A few years later the post was assumed by Col.Dave Grossman(google him and get his books),He was a totaly different story,really turned what seemed a dying program around.The class sizes went from 4-7 when I was there to over 50 in a few years,they got more rescources and developed a real sense of esprit d'corp.You need to visit the school you are considering, talk with the staff and cadets.Get a feel for the program.

As far as leading men,well there are libraries on the subject,but the two best words are FOLLOW ME. You have to lead by example,learn your job,learn everything anyone will teach you,teach anything anyone will learn,realize your rank is not power it is responsibility,above all let your guys do their job once you tell them to do it.
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