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I've been at this for about 6 months now, and it's time for me to begin rotating my water stock (stored in 1-gallon vinegar bottles and 7-gallon Reliance containers). I was dreading the idea of dumping 50 gallons of water down the drain, then paying the water company for 50 more gallons. (I know the garden would work for this, but we don't have one.:eek::) I'm also frustrated because this is the time of year that we begin filling the kiddie pool every few days and dumping it out (to prevent all the icky stuff that happens to non-chlorinated standing water.:eek:) I knew our water bill was going to sky-rocket! Then I just realized I can use my stored drinking water in the kiddie pool, and only pay the water company for the drinking water, not the pool water! Plus, I figure the touch of bleach in the drinking water, though not enough to bother the kids or actually bleach anything, might help ward off the nasties for one more day.

How do you save money on your water storage?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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